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Spanish league loses its sponsor, may have many smaller ones

MADRID (AP) Spanish league president Javier Tebas says the league has lost its exclusive sponsor and will most likely not be able to replace it in ti... Full Story

Spanish league loses its sponsor, may have many smaller ones

Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup

In less than 4 years, Brazil will be the new host for one of the most anticipated and major events in the world, the 2014 FIFA World Cup. And it's not only important in the world of soccer fans; oh no, this event entertains even those that are not so fanatic to the soccer football. I belong to those who think that soccer is not so funny unless you are playing it, however the FIFA World Cup always turns my attention back to soccer.

This time the great spectacle is heading to the country that brought the "Jogo Bonito" or Beautiful game after 64 years since the "Maracanazo" in 1950. This will be the feast of every passionate fan around the world.; the anxiety and the excitement of this event will brought questions to the fanatic heads like-" What countries will make it to this huge event? ", "Could Spain defend their championship title? ", or "Who will be the best of the world?". Information was given on May 30-31 by the FIFA Executive Committee who met on Nassau, Bahamas; about the venues for Brazil 2014 hosting. The original list was conformed of 17 candidates; 12 where the chosen cities announced this last Sunday on a press conference. The interest in Brazil is something of huge proportions; making the decision to choose the cities more difficult.

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Football Soccer Betting Information :: Football Soccer Odds

Football Soccer betting is an attractive proposition for online sports betting. Exercise discretion while placing a football soccer bet online, it is essential to stay informed on the betting or wagering rules, in order to place effective and productive wagers.

Two most common Live Odds used in Football Soccer are:

Moneyline or Win Price - Here the bettor (punter) wagers on their team to win the match whether it happens in regulation time (1st 90 minutes), overtime, or penalties. In the case of a tie, all money is refunded.

Moneyline involving tie - this is the most common odds used of all where the better (punter) has three choices: team A, team B, or a tie. If you wager on a team in this scenario and the outcome of the match at the end of 90 minutes is a tie, the wager is a loss. If you wager on the tie, and one of the teams wins at the end of 90 minutes, the wager is a loss.

Wagering on Football Soccer Game totals (over/under) only include goals scored in regulation time. (1st 90 minutes)...Read More

Sports betting resources

Tennis predictions - If Tennis is your favorite Sport, you must give a click here. All about tennis predictions, matches, news and livescores related with TENNIS. Is your Sport in just a click.

If you are going to engage in online sports betting, it is important that you know the odds. Some people may tell you that it doesn’t matter if you know the odds or not, because just like any type of gambling, there is no guarantee you will win, even when you know them. However, knowing the odds enhances your knowledge, which can increase your winning chances, because you are more likely to make educated decisions when you make a bet.

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On Tuesday, the Real Madrid claimed a victory over their most difficult rival the F.C. Barcelona (1-3) on Camp Nou. But this was just the beginning for the white team, and their coach José Mourinho, is preparing once more against the Bluegrana for the second “Clasico” this coming Saturday on the Bernabéu Stadium. These may sound like routine for the madrilist coach; however things will be more defiant on the following five days.The first stage of this new challenge that assaults Mourinho’s mind was already passed by with the victory over Barcelona and drawing 1-1 in the first, but things got a bit more tougher and now he needs to close it with another victory against the Barça in La Liga at their home on Saturday; as if that wasn’t enough, on Tuesday they will face Manchester United in the Champions League; a match they need to close as well since they have drawn 1-1 at home in the first leg. So, three days ago in Mourinho’s mind, things probably were floating like this, Barcelona, and United. What a ride to define a season, and maybe a legacy with so few days to make a good strategy.

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Sports Betting Tips

Betting serves as a great source of entertainment for many people, especially when it's focused on sports. Something such as live football betting has revolutionized the way people connect with the game. For those of you who don't know a great deal about betting odds, the following article will detail a series of basic tips to apply when partaking in sports betting. Continue reading and start earning money on your bets...

Get updated, quality information

Adequate information is vital in the world of gambling. Currently, there is nothing complicated about accessing sports information; the existence of digital editions of the media and specialized publications can allow you to get in a relatively simple way all the data needed to assess the margins of error of the odds offered by bookmakers.

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